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Quaker Earthcare Witness is not a distant, elite "committee" of people doing work on behalf of others. QEW is about helping you and your faith community in your work to restore the earth.

As a QEW member/supporter, you can

  • Support Quaker Earthcare Witness educational efforts (publications, visitations, workshops, etc.) that seek to awaken the Religious Society of Friends to the global ecological crisis as a spiritual issue.
  • Help Friends to explore and articulate the ways the Quaker faith can speak to the global ecological crisis.
  • Contribute to Quaker Earthcare Witness special programs (Quaker Eco-Witness for National Legislation and the Ann Kriebel/San Luis project in Costa Rica) that seek to demonstrate how spiritual ecology can work in the world.
  • Serve on Quaker Earthcare Witness committees.
  • Work in your own Meeting through First Day School, adult education programs, and unity with nature committees to raise awareness and involve other Friends in local ecological issues from a faith perspective.
  • Participate in your own Quarterly and Yearly Meeting programs and committees to witness corporately for an Earth restored.
  • Offer spiritual grounding and process to other community environmental action programs.
  • Share news of what you and your Meeting have been doing through reports and articles in BeFriending Creation.

When you make a contribution to Quaker Earthcare Witness, you can choose to become a "member". This will put you on our Befriending Creation mailing list and identify you as someone who wants to be involved in QEW beyond just your financial contribution. There is no extra cost for being a member (i.e., beyond the $5 minimum donation) and we hope you will choose it.

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