Insights and Inspirations: 10 Years as General Secretary

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Join us to honor the ten years Shelley Tanenbaum has guided Quaker Earthcare Witness as General Secretary and three more years she had previously spent as a member and clerk of the Steering Committee. 

Come for an evening of insights and inspirations from Shelley on what it was like to support QEW in our primary goal: to nurture a spiritual transformation in our relationship with the living world. She will share with us stories of her personal journey and highlights from her years representing QEW as a Public Friend. Shelley hopes to leave QEW in good shape with two fabulous new staff (Miche started working with QEW in May and a new General Secretary will start this fall). There is no fee for this talk – all are welcome – AND at Shelley’s request, we are asking those who can, to make a contribution.

Shelley: “We had to cut back on staff and Outreach travel this year due to budget constraints. With the wild weather we have experienced this summer, this is no time to be cutting back. The best retirement gift you can give me is to start our new fiscal year (Nov 1) in good shape and raring to go.” Come for a time of celebration and reflection.

September 19th, 2023 from  7:00 PM to  8:30 PM
United States
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